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PRESS RELEASE September 3, 2010:

Toronto - Canadian Text-to-Donate Pakistan Relief Eligible Donations Will Be Matched By The Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has announced that for every eligible donation by individual Canadians to Canadian registered charities (until September 12, 2010), Canada will contribute an equivalent amount to the Pakistan Floods Relief Fund. The equivalent contribution will support continuing humanitarian assistance, early recovery, and reconstruction in Pakistan through projects undertaken by the many organizations and non-governmental organizations responding to the floods in Pakistan.

We are literally racing against the clock," said CARE President & CEO Kevin McCort. "Having witnessed the dire conditions that now face millions of survivors, we welcome any effort to motivate and inspire more donations."

Canadians can give directly to CARE today at or by texting the word CARE to 45678 on their mobile device for a $5 donation. Terms available at More info here:

Mobile giving leverages the widespread use and availability of mobile phones that are with a person 24/7, as an effective fundraising channel for registered charities.

"Mobile is a quick, direct response channel, that allows a person to act immediately to support a worthwhile cause, in the moment when the request for assistance is made," said Ursula Addesi, account manager at ZipGive, Toronto. "This instantaneous reaction is fundamental to fundraising activities that must compete with advertising clutter, for prospective donors attentions."

ZipGive is the mobile giving division of ZipStripe, which specializes in mobile fundraising services for charities, nonprofits and political organizations. ZipGive platforms include Text to Donate, Text to Pledge, Web to Mobile and Facebook to Mobile, which power applications and mobileweb commerce sites.

For more information contact Andrew D'Amico at (905) 856-7395 x345 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.