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How A Consumer Sends Text Donations

1) Donor Text's Charities keyword to the assigned short code.

2) Donor is prompted, reply YES to confirm the donation.

3) Donor Replies YES. Then thank you message is received by donor.

Text Donations:ZipGive Helps Strengthen Your Current Fundraising Campaigns.

ZipGive specializes in text donations for non profit organizations.

ZipGive, the leader in the Text to Donate segment of mobile giving in Canada, is a division of Zipstripe Corp., a Canadian technology leader in mobile texting and mobile web campaigns. In 2010, ZipGive was instrumental in raising over $500,000 through text donations for its clients during the Haiti Relief efforts. Since then, ZipGive has aggregated over 80 charitable and non-profit organizations amongst its Text to Donate clientele, being the Canadian leader in this field.

Text donations are a quick and efficient means for charities and non profit organizations to fundraise. A call to action to donate by mobile phone at an event, by a well known personality, or through traditional media has proven to be highly effective. Take for instance the video call to action by Alicia Keys, that raised more than $450,000 from 90,000 donors. Text donations has the power for substantial giving!

Mobile Donations permit fundraising charities and non profits to reduce delays traditionally associated with a printed call to action and the means to energize a donation. Now when the call to donate is heard or seen, the majority of the populace has the ability to immediately respond. Text Donations are charged directly to the mobile user's telephone bill, and funds collected are remitted by the carriers through the Mobile Giving Foundation to the charity or non profit. The mobile phone is with more than 70% of the population, and many carry it 24/7. This is an opportunity to utilize technology to make a substantive difference.

These "microdonations" empowered by Mobile Fundraising also extend the potential reach of fundraising campaigns to new demographics, that either have not been able to give traditional amounts or are otherwise new entrants to the donation funnel. Mobile allows for a permission based conversation and development of an ongoing relationship with these new demographics. The value of SMS Fundraising therefore extends much beyond the initial text donation generic lasix online.

ZipGive can provide the essential tools to enter into the Mobile Fundraising area. It's expertise is in mobile campaigns and sms communications. Text to Donate as well as Text to Motivate campaigns can be energized nationally on all carriers throughout Canada. Realtime reporting of call to action responsiveness and donations committed allow for up to date assessments of campaign effectiveness, and the means for campaign optimizations through mid-stream refinements and alterations.

In addition, with ZipGive's Mobile Marketing Kit we will show you how to successfully initiate a Mobile Giving campaign, and through implementation of ZipGive's WebWidget™ and FaceBook Giving Application™, to extend your SMS Fundraising to social networks and online channels. ZipGive has a Text-to-Give package to suit most charities and non profits, as well as a dedicated Text to Motivate shortcode to start mobile donor list building for future prospective donor engagement and outreach purposes .

The relationship a charity and non-profit forges with a mobile donor is forever, since mobile users will change their devices, carriers and plans, but are unlikely ever to change their phone number, and can therefore be leveraged throughout that donor's lifetime until they opt-out, if ever.

The value of Mobile Giving is extensive, now and into the future - it can be instrumental in raising large amounts, developing new donor stream, and encouraging ongoing relationships - using today's technology for the greater good. ZipGive is here to help you with any questions and concerns you may have with text donations or how you can take advantage of SMS Donations. Check out our FAQ's, email us, or call us to have any of your questions answered.

For further information please contact Andrew D'Amico, ZipGive Account Manager at (905) 856-7395 x345 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please read through some of our Fundraising Ideas For Non Profit Organizations to give you a better understanding of how you can implement text donations for your charity.


Current SMS Donation Campaign

Text CHEO to 45678 to give $10
Current SMS Donation Campaign

Text HUGS to 45678 to give $5

Terms: A one-time charge of $5, $10, $20 or $25 will be added to your wireless bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Proceeds benefit ZipGive Partners. Service is available on most carriers.