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A Text message campaign centers around "microdonations". A microdonation through texting is in the amount of $5 or $10 per donation, although multiple donations can be made at any one time to a maximum of $30 per month based on a person's cellphone number. Essential benefits of a microdonation campaign are threefold, where the aggregate of donations can be quite large and equal to traditional campaigns for the same time, effort and investment.

First, a microdonaton text message campaign allows for an immediate response to a call to action. Similar to the pavlovian bell ringing response, a heartfelt outreach especially when done by a well known personality, can have incredible motivating effects to act in the moment. Any delay between receipt of a call to action, such as on television or in print, expectedly results in a drop off of intended donorship. Minimization of this latency by empowering cellphone users to be able to donate from the device that's with them 24/7, is the means of eliminating or reducing such donor delay fallout.

Second, there is an incredible body of wired and networked populace that has yet to donate, for a number of reasons:

  1. They cannot be reached by print media.
  2. The cannot be reached by television.
  3. They have no credit cards for donations.

What this means is that there is an incredible opportunity to encourage a microdonation in order to commence a relationship with this demographic. Remember they do not yet have any specific charitable allegiances. The beauty of a text message campaign is that the donor's mobile telephone number is gathered, which is subject to privacy limitations, may prospectively be utilized for both further donations as well as to maintain and develop a future relationship. Perhaps the latter aspect of relationship building is most important from the perspective of bringing in new donors into the donor lifecycle funnel, where once acquired the value of that donor over their lifetime is potentially geometrically that of their initial microdonation.

Finally, the text message campaign is electronic - no more spending a disproporationate time and expense to access mass small donors. The 80/20 rule has been turned on its ear with mobile donations. For a small upfront fee and percent of donations collected, scalabilty is infinite where the ability to collect 100 through a 100,000 donations is the same. Text message campaigns offer ecomonies of scale previously unheard of.

So this is how in today's digital age smaller can be better than larger , using a text message campaign for the right reasons with an eye to what this tip of the iceberg disruptive technology, offers charities and not for profits, immediate and future returns. Set up a text message campaign with ZipGive today.