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- Do you have alternative pricing structures that are more affordable for smaller Non-profit organizations? ZipGive created the ZipStarter package to lower the cost of entry. At $299 per month this remains a very inexpensive program when compared to direct mail, building a website, telemarketing, staging live events and other traditional fundraising programs. - How long does it take for the funds raised to reach intended cause or charity? It will take approximately 90 to 120 days for the carriers to disperse the funds generated from your mobile donation campaign to the Mobile Giving Foundation who then passes those funds along to your organization along with a detailed remittance report for each donation campaign you have. - Besides using a major credit card, is there a way for my organization to set up a mobile giving program? You must use a major credit card to get started but we can arrange for electronic funds transfer from your bank account. Alternatively you may pay for one year upfront with a check upon credit approval. - Does the donor get charged for text messages sent or received during a mobile donation? Thanks to the generosity of the Canadian Wireless carriers, no additional fees apply to the consumer when making a mobile donation.


- What is the length of time on a ZipGive contract? All ZipGive contracts have a 1 year term. The cost is low compared to other fundraising channels and you may pay monthly. Each non-profit must make a commitment to mobile to get proper results and generate revenue. Integration of mobile into all your brand standards and donor facing activities is crucial to success. Additionally, there are hard costs absorbed by ZipGive to get your program started. Our model is designed to allow us to make our investment in your campaign back over time as you raise money and provide a low cost entry point for non-profits. - How long does it take to launch a mobile giving campaign? he launch of your mobile giving campaign is determined by three factors: 1) Completion & submission of your MGF Application 2) The vetting & approval of your organization by the MGF (1-2 weeks) 3) campaign submission and approval from the carriers (1-4weeks) Once you've submitted your MGF App for approval it shouldn't take more than 4-6 weeks to go live on all participating carriers. During this time your dedicated account manager will assist you in developing your mobile strategy, from launch to implementation. - How are Mobile Giving accounts managed? Every ZipGive client works closely with a dedicated account manager who will help with the launch and management of every aspect of your mobile donation program. We'll assist you with anything you may need. We're here to show the way! - What is your platform and technology competitive advantage? Zipstripe has worked with non-profit clients since January 1st/2009, before the MGF platform was available in Canada. We were the pioneers and first company in Canada to run a Charitable Alerts program to raise funds through texting. Our platform makes it easy for your organization to sign up, get approved by the Mobile Giving Foundation, create your campaign with keyword and shared short code, and track all activity in real-time. Additionally, we have state of the art online tools that allow you to build social networking programs that allow for donations to be collected via cell phone bill and to get the word out about your organization through viral web based campaigns. - Can a mobile donor give in excess of $5 per donation? Yes! There are two mobile donation campaign options: $5 & $10. Your organization will determine this when you register and create your first campaign. Additionally, mobile donors can always give more than once, up to $30 per month. - What is a keyword? Used in combination with a short code, a keyword is a word that differentiates your mobile campaign from others on the same short code. Your keyword and short code combination allows mobile phone users to make a donation to your ZipGive mobile donation campaign. For example, an organization called Save the Animals might choose the keyword SAVE in order to make a donation. Mobile phone users would send the word SAVE to the short-code 20222. - What is SMS or Text Messaging? SMS stands for Short Message Service, commonly known to consumers as text messaging. The protocol is designed to send text messages to and from mobile phones. The message may be up to 136 characters in length including spaces and punctuation. Almost 100% of today's phones can send and receive text messages!

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